Course Description

Whether you have an existing home decor business, or need to start from scratch with a new Etsy store, we can help you with everything you need to start selling your own unique, handmade lampshades.

This introductory course includes the following modules:

  • Launching an Etsy store
  • Getting started with basic shades
  • More advanced shades
  • Product photography
  • Suppliers and other resources list
  • Other sales channels (own website, selling on social media channels)
  • How to scale your lampshade making business – bigger, better, stronger!

We also include other private professional-only resources and FAQs, and wholesale prices on lampshade-making supplies on (50% off retail).

Owner - I Like That Lamp

Kiri Masters

Kiri started making lamps and lampshades when she couldnt find the right lighting for her new apartment. Realizing that custom lighting wasn't necessarily easy, but was confusing, she set about creating kits and resources to help others make lamps they love.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Selling on Etsy

    • Selling on Etsy

    • Resources: selling on Etsy

  • 3

    Simple Lampshades

    • Basic (Drum) Lampshades

  • 4

    More Advanced Shades

    • ​More advanced shades

    • Resources: Advanced Shade Materials & Suppliers

  • 5

    Product Photography

    • Why great product photography is important

    • Principles of good product photography

    • Equipment & Editing

    • Resources: Product Photography

  • 6

    Suppliers & Other Resources

    • Suppliers

    • Wholesale discount at

  • 7

    Other Sales Channels

    • What is a Sales Channel?

    • Your own e-commerce website

    • Social Media Platforms

    • Online Handmade Marketplaces

    • Wholesale option: Local Stores

    • Wholesale option: Local Stores

    • Other wholesale options

    • Teaching Classes

  • 8

    Pricing your items

    • Pricing your work: via the Etsy blog

    • A Pricing Pledge

  • 9

    Interviews & shop walkthroughs - COMING SOON!

    • Interview: Heather Wood (Red Door Shades)

    • Red Door Shades: Photos & Techniques